The Little Guys Daycare

Learn, explore & laugh

About Us

We want a second home for your little child where we'll provided everything to give variety of activities, learning, exploring and laughing.

Little by little every children self-confidence soar as they meet their goals, and develop in ways they never thought were possible with can-do attitude!

We'll be do in bringing out the best in child and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

We can learn many things from children.

SAMPLE SCHEDULE (This is an example may vary by weather permitting outside activities and of children age or arrangements)


Soft Music/Play activities   7:00-8:00

Breakfast                            8:00-8:30

Circle time                           8:30-9-00

Language Arts                     9:00-10:00

Snack                                 10:00-10:30

Math/Science                     10:30-11:00

Outdoor play                       11:00-12:00

Lunch                                 12:00-12:30

Nap time*                           12:30-3:00

Wake up/snack                    3:00-3:25

Story time                           3:25-3:45

Music, Drama                       3:45-4:15

Phys. Ed.                              4:15-4:55

Group time                           4:55-5:15

Independendent play            5:15-5:30

Bye~bye Little guys

*Individual mats are provided for nap time for comfort of your child.

*ScheduleSubject to Change


would you like to meet us and see our place? We invite you to visit our facility without compromise, please give us a call for an appointment, thanks.

Tel. 760-722-7093